The Bond Girl Complex

What is it that’s so fascinating and appealing about James Bond? Is it the possibility of excavating the heart of a man? Is it simply confidence, ruthlessness, and sex appeal? Do we think he’s wounded, in need of nursing? Or is it that we hope some man will find us to be a mystery? Will want to pursue and unravel the mystery?

Perhaps it’s only tied in to wanting someone high position, power, strength to see something of value in us, to find their equal in us. How much of who we’re attracted to is about trying to find our own value?

That took a very deep introspective turn, eh?

Or maybe we want our own adventure for 90 minutes with an attractive man we can then kiss off later as a “could have been” when we realize he can’t/won’t give us the stability we desire.

Let’s face it, most straight women would enjoy being pursued by a sexually confident, attractive man of mystery, even if she has no plans to take him up on the offer, and wouldn’t know what to do with his room key in her hand.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s a matter of intensity and focus. Of having piercing eyes stare right into you and not flinch, not lose interest. Maybe women just want, with an exhilarating energy, to be a man’s sole focus, sadly, even if for a night.

Of course I meant the original Bond. Who else?
Of course I meant the original Bond. Who else?

Does it sound whorish and pathetic to say that? Perhaps, but in a technology obsessed day and age where every five seconds a new email, text or facebook message distracts us, maybe attention is really the most appealing thing of all.

Don’t we all go through life assuming everyone notices everything we do—good and bad—and hoping vainly that we’re right? The miracle of someone noticing the way you tuck your hair behind your ear when you’re tired, the way you wear sweatpants to work on Thursdays and call them “relaxed slacks”…

Maybe this has gotten off topic. I mean, really I meant to write about a man with sex appeal. Gratifyingly, exterior appearance doesn’t seem to hold my attention too long—even in writing.

…Though I suppose my James Bond movie collection may invalidate what I just said.

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