An Ooh De Lolly Love Story

Valentine’s Day is next week Sunday. In honor of this holiday I went and watched Nicholas Spark’s The Choice with the intent to write a scathing review. I even briefly considered doing a compare and contrast to The Revenant because who doesn’t love a challenge?

But. I’ve been told by multiple sources that attacking a Spark’s movie is my beating a dead horse. And besides, why start pre-Valentine’s Day with cynicism?

So here’s a look at my favorite love story: Disney’s Robin Hood.

What I love about Robin Hood is the several love stories at play. It isn’t just the sage of lovers (though Robin the fox is arguably the greatest romantic Robin Hood in the plethora of big screen, green clad, arrow wielding swashbucklers — I’ve discussed this and made lists with friends, you can trust me.), it’s also the love story of two enduring friendships, and the mentorship of a young rabbit.

Don’t roll your eyes! I’m serious here! Let’s take a look at these one by one:

Robin and Little John: I love movie bromances. Un-apologetically. What’s great about Robin and Little John in this movie is the conversation, the camaraderie. They always move in sync, they play, they have philosophical discussions, and they’re on the same page. If anyone is rooting more for a Robin and Marian romance than Little John, it’s Lady Kluck.

Important quote: So she’s got class, so what?

Maid Marian and Lady Kluck: Lady Kluck is Marian’s lady in waiting. She’s her confidant, counselor, and conspirator. Lady Kluck’s pluck (I’m sorry, I did that on purpose) is only rivaled by Marian’s adventurous and mischievous spirit. Though under Prince John’s thumb, they make the best of it together.

Important quote: As your lady in waiting, I’m waiting!

Robin Hood and Skippy: Skippy clearly idolizes Robin, and for good reason. Robin Hood gave him the best birthday present ever. Skippy becomes a devoted follower, and Robin cares for him like he would a young apprentice. He gives him the tools of the trade, and it’s Skippy who’s on the shore waiting with Little John praying for Robin’s successful escape. And in the end, it’s Skippy who volunteers to babysit the Fox litter, in an adorable dose of animal irony.

Important quote:  Well, Robin Hood’s gonna have kids, so somebody’s gotta keep their eye on things.

Maid Marian and Robin Hood: Hands down one of my favorite romantic pairings. First of all, there’s no real angst or uncertainty. None of this “maybe for your sake we’d better…” tripe that you see so often in movies today. They knew a good thing and they never forgot it. Though they’re both pretty romantic individuals, they’re also practical. Who could forget them planning their honeymoon as they fight the sheriff’s men? And then in the forest during their romantic walk home, Robin fashions a ring out of a flower and a willing firefly. I mean. COME ON.

Important quotes: Marian darling, I love you more than life itself.

He carved our initials on this tree. I remember it so well.

Ahh sigh. Love in all its guises.

Special shout out to the church mice and their love for each other and the poor. And an extra special shout out to the only non intoxicated Friar Tuck on record. His passionate love of the put-upon is always wonderful to watch.

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