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Guest Posts

Guest Post: Child-Free By Choice

Leigh Vander Woude discusses the isolation that comes from being married without kids.

Jana’s Peace

Didn’t We Pray?

We Need to Talk About Anne-with-an-E

Stages of Outrage

Dear Working Girl: Be Brave

Dear Working Girl: Don’t Do Just What They Ask

Adjustment Disorder

Pretty in Pity

 Fair Warning

Giving Up & Getting Over, Part 1

Giving Up and Getting Over, Part 2

The Daily Fraidy-cat

Unmothers’ Day

Rage Against the Sheetcake: Tina Fey’s Delicious Satire

To Our Mother Friends

Katrina’s Pieces

Read Katrina’s new post on SheLoves Magazine!

A behind the scenes look at an adolescence spent in hospitals.


The Petty Way of Life

If you’re small-minded like me, maybe that hints at a bigger issue.

Tall Girl in the Photo

If you’ve ever experience “the crouch” you know what I’m talking about.

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve…

It’s important to know what other people think you should regret. Apparently.

Girls will be Girls

Scratch that, girls will be women. Only boys can be boys.

Catcalls: You’re Doing it Wrong

If you must heckle women, here’s why you’re a troll.

A Two-Flask Wedding

Always come prepared for festivities with your own festiveness.

But I Literally Mean Netflix. And Chill.

English is confusing, And WAY oversexualized.

Platitude Adjustment

A short list of platitudes I hate and why you should too.

This Conversation Is Not for You

If you’re married and you disagree with me, read on.

Burning Bras: An Exploratory

Women never have burned bras, but maybe we should…

Myth-Busting, Girl Edition: Pillow Fights

Either I’ve been doing it wrong for years, or the male fantasy is inaccurate. HMM.

“Dear Future Husband” Phenomenon

Now Is the Time to Overreact

Winning Against Luck

How Small Is Your God?

What Can One Man Do?

Briefly Wrong

Giving and Taking Offense

#Keep The Filter On

Hallmark Rants

Hallmark Musings: Married by Christmas

A Hallmark Candid Synopsis: Finding Father Christmas

Hallmark Reflections: A Fairy Tale Christmas

Christmas at the Palace: Family Observations

Hallmark Observations: Wedding Wonderland

Hallmark Observations: Second Chance Christmas

A Hallmark Team Review: Christmas in Conway

Being Single is Like…

How to Grow Your Own Mold

You know you’re single if you’re familiar with moldy food.

Left-Handed and Single

Being single is EXACTLY like being left-handed, kind of.

Special Just Like Everyone

You were born to stick out, the same amount as everyone else.

Hello, I Have a Disease

The disease is not being single, but also I’m sure that’s something people think.

When Singleness is a Lot Like Owning a PT Cruiser

Both a PT Cruiser and being single lower the value of your street cred.

Small Town Doppelgänger

Someone in town is dating people, but it’s not me.

Romancing the Introvert

Getting to know introverts is challenging, but don’t let that stop you.

Baggage Handlers

“Putting Yourself Out There”

Pop-Culture Frenzy

The Review No One Wanted

My take on “La La Land”. If you liked it, you won’t like this.

Hallmark Movie Season Drinking Game

For the rabid Hallmark romances and alcohol consumer.

Saps and Cynics

All about the original glorious Mr. Deeds. Caution: this film review and movie are in black and white.

Movie Over-Analysis: When Harry Met Sally

Don’t mind me taking apart this classic movie I watch yearly. I don’t mean it.

Small Screen Supporting Sirens

Women of the TV realm who rule.

Christian Mingle Toward Jesus

Why a dating website for Christians should have never made a movie.

I’m No Elizabeth Bennet

If you don’t know your Austen, well, you should. You’re probably just like one of her characters — and not the cool one.

Thomas Hardy’s Guide to Relationships

This is Thomas Hardy the writer, not Tom Hardy the actor. I’m sure his guide to relationships is very different.

Great Women on Screen: Part I

These women may be secondary characters, but they made legendary use of their time.

The Modern 80s Working Girl

A critique of Working Girl in light of modern working women.

Love Songs that Make Me Hate You

A small sampling of why you should never listen to lyrics.

Tears: The Nicholas Sparks Phenomenon

How to write your own Nicholas Sparks movie in several easy steps.

The Bond Girl Complex

Admit it: You probably wanted to be one at least once in your life.

An Ooh De Lolly Love Story

Disney’s Robin Hood is the epitome of love stories. Trust me.

Manic Pixie Sarcastic Dream Girl

Quick guide on how to be a cliche in any movie where a man has a life crisis.

The Ultimate 90s Romance Movie

Obviously I’m talking about Bed of Roses. What else?

Office Space Romance

“That’s Not a Knife” and Male Confidence

Forty Someday

Rom-Com Dreams

The Nicest Guy

Terminally Ill Romances Make Me Sick (Part I)

Terminally Ill Romances Make Me Sick (Part II)

Wanted: Listless Heroine

The Dating Pool

Online Dating: The Adventure Begins and Ends

A quick journey into a short-lived experiment.

How Clint Eastwood’s Son Convinced Me to Join eHarmony

Why I should stop using the internet as a valid reason for doing things.

Moss Guy

Ditch the traditional pick-up lines, think outside the grass.

Flying Solo

Never hit on your seatmate, regardless of how long the flight is.

My Grey’s Anatomy Moment

Sometimes the hot doctor is the last doctor you want to see.

Letter to the Attractive Guy in the ER

He may not have been hot, I might have been in a lot of pain.

Romance: the Quicksand of Adulthood

As John Mulaney says, “I thought this was going to be a much bigger issue…”

In Defense of Ghosting

It’s possible I’m ghosting you right now…

Men of Tinder

Why Are You Still Single?

I Think I Wanna Marry You?

Women Stuff

Don’t Always Be Like a Lady

Who’s Responsible for Abuse?

The Unsociable Female

Gendered Idiocy

Childhood Fantasy Life


Advice to High School Me

I definitely would have listened to this advice from me in high school.

Attendance Awards

Congratulations on perfect earth attendance.

Remembering Un-Memories

This is probably an interesting post, can’t quite recall.

Frat Bro on My Shoulder

Is the grandma on my shoulder the devil or is it the frat bro?

Communication Kills

Sometimes words come naturally, and sometimes I ruin conversations.

Offending Everyone

A nice tutorial on how you can overthink any situation into something embarrassing.

Bubble Popping

Take a moment to get outside yourself, plus who doesn’t like popping bubbles?

Fix You

This is not about the Coldplay song. You’re welcome.

I Matter

You matter too. Technically we’re all made of matter. IMPORTANT matter.



Spiritual Friendship

How to make the most out of the important relationships in your life.

Encouragement for Regretters

Never regret being a positive influence.

How God Copes with Unrequited Love

All of us angsty lovers have something in common with God, who knew?

Friends with Boys

Is it impossible? Or is it just mostly impossible?

Why That Jerk is Married

It’s not because he’s not a jerk.

The Universal Ideal

What exactly DOES the perfect woman look like?

Word Games

Historical Perspective

Enter Malta: Stage Left

Single Person “Hacks”

How to Throw a Party and not be Bitter

Spoiler alert: Stop throwing parties because you have to.

Boozy Baking Day Spectacular Spectacle

If you want to know how to enjoy making cookies all day, it’s pretty simple: alcohol.

The Christmas Card

I’m too lazy to mail this, so here.

Starfish Sleepers: In defense of twin beds

Who needs a big bed when you can fit a dining room into your bedroom instead?

Table for One

Dining out solo is the worst thing you can do, outside of talking in the theater.

Shut Up and Have Fun

Seriously though. You should do this.

House-Sitting is the Mother of Necessity

If you’re ever without a wine bottle opener at someone else’s house, you’ll need to know this.

The Avocado Trick

The trick is not slicing off a finger.

Giant Baby

Social media is way overwhelming.

Blanket Security

Why have a 401K when you can have a really really snuggly blanket?

Babe, Keys?

Have you ever locked yourself out of your apartment…during a tornado?

Killer Instinct

A helpful guide to panicking over spiders.

Un-birthdays, Mourn days, and Getting Over Growing Up

How to party like you’re… your actual age because it’s not a big deal.

Single and Selfish

I Can’t Say “No”

Drawbacks of a Sugar High

Eat the Rice

 Seasonal Struggles

Thanksgiving Wish

My wish is to not get road rage. Wish not granted.

Christmas Haiku

A short poem to commemorate weird presents from family members.

Single Person Holiday Traditions

Treat yo’ self is part of it.

Why I Don’t Picket Valentine’s Day

Bottom line: I’m lazy and I like candy.

Happy Holidays or Seasonal Calamities?

Mistaken Halloween Identity

My limited interactions with costumes and Halloween.

Malfunctioning Adulting

Relating Gone Wrong

If “I wanna talk about you” always turns into “this is how I handle that”, read on.

Inept Sandwich Thief

I almost stole a sandwich once. It was terrifying.

Wealthy Singles?

I’m convinced they’re as rare as unicorns.

Bad with Babies

Please don’t hand me your child. For the kid’s sake.

Competitive Suffering

Your life sucks worse than mine, are you happy now?

Sidewalks Built for Two

If you’ve ever been pushed off the sidewalk you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Life on the Rocks

Panic is a terrible solution to life’s conundrums.

Potential Fear

Be afraid. Of something. Later.

Advice Column

Never let me give you advice, outside of this excellent advice.

“Girly” Weakness

I’m a little bit incapable, but it’s okay because so are you!

No Rain, No Flowers

What happens when all has gone awry?

Reunited and it feels so weird


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